Antennas, RF-systems and measurements

The RF-Frontend team has more than 200 years experience in the design of mobile phone, wireless circuits, RFID-systems and RADAR modules. Software tools like AltiumDesigner, Solid Works, CST Microwave Studio and others are used to design RF-systems.

For the work in the electronic lab, all relevant measurement devices are available to support the work of the design team.

RF-Frontend develops and manufactures customized antenna-systems for standard and special applications such as automotive and marine antennas covering all the maritime and tactical frequency bands including HF, VHF, UHF, Cellular, LTE, Satcom, IFF/Link-16 and L-band.

Customized standard antennas and frontends

Many antenna solutions (RFID, GSM, LTE, 5G, WLAN/ Bluetooth/ZigBee, Radar) can now be purchased for a variety of radio standards.

After connecting or installing the antenna in a device, the antenna often shows a degraded performance in contrast to the data sheet. The cause is usually the interaction of the antenna with the environment, such as the electronic circuit or the housing. The antenna specifications listed in the data sheets typically only apply to a certain installation situation or environmental condition, such as free space. To achieve the best antenna performance, a tailored antenna is required for the respective application. Here, 3D EM-field simulators are used, with which the geometry of the antenna is optimized in its installation situation.

In systems employing multiple antennas, e.g. MIMO or beam forming solutions (smart antennas), in addition to the characteristic of a single antenna, the coupling of the antenna with each other is critical. For more complex antenna systems (coexistence problem of multiple antennas) the coupling of the antennas is investigated by simulations and mockups in the antenna lab.

Marine Antennas

In addition to the harsh environmental conditions that marine antennas have to withstand, stricter specifications also apply.

RF-Frontend has developed a large range of antennas for maritime applications with power ratings up to 1kW. Also a sophisticated multi-functional wideband antenna for submarine platforms has been developed by RF-Frontend and manufactured by RF-Frontend and partners. This system comprises multiple antennas for the radio frequencies and standards: HF, VHF, UHFLOS, UHFSatcom, IFF/Link-16, GNSS, Inmarsat and Iridium combined in a rugged radome. The system is controlled by an Antenna Control Unit.

RF-Frontend offers prototyping as well as production of new antennas types.