RF Measurements & Simulations

Debugging of an electronic circuit
Debugging of an electronic circuit

A sophisticated measurement technology is essential for any efficient development practice. Especially in high frequency measurements, in addition to the efficient measurement techniques, developers should pay attention towards the testing of specification compliance, quality and reliability of RF devices and components which require special knowledge and efficient simulation tools. With years of experience in RF measurements and simulations, RF Frontend ensures you full excellence in RF designing and development and also assist you in your product development. Along with the typical measurement techniques under prescribed environmental conditions, our measurement expertise comprises,

• S-Parameters (Single ended, Mixed mode)
• Noise figure and noise parameters
• Material characterization (dielectrics)
• WLAN throughput measurements
• Time Measurement Technology
• Blocking measurements
• TX - Noise
• Phase noise

RF Frontend is also equipped with design and simulation tools for development of RF circuits and antennas, like Advanced Design System (ADS) and EMPIRE, a 3D electromagnetic field simulator based on the Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) method. RF Frontend also offers numerical dosimetric simulations against the ICNIRP Guidelines and other standards, as well as thermal simulations.